What to Look for When Employing Professional SEO Services

Posted by Flora Rosenberg on May 5, 2016 in SEO Services |

In today’s internet structure, it seems that everything is linked virtually. Most people just go online when searching for information regarding a certain topic or looking for particular services.

Due to this, it becomes the best interest of website owners to rank high up in the search results of various search engines. This is because after all, higher exposure means higher number of potential visitors. Strategic optimization of a website to rank high in search results has been practiced for quite a while now. For efficiency and guaranteed results, most serious website owners employ the help of professional search engine optimization (SEO) companies.

There are many established SEO companies today but arguably, some of them excel better than the others. For this reason, it is only advantageous to know the basic things to consider before hiring professional SEO services.

Fully Know the Job to be Done

SEO companyAll SEO companies offer the same basic services in order to place a website high in the search results. However, as opposed to just the simple package, some SEO companies also offer additional services. For example, a particular SEO company may also have article writing or editing services while others do not. Because of this, before hiring an SEO company to do the job, it is just practical or the owner to carefully study his website needs first. When everything is evaluated, it will be easier to hunt for SEO companies that cover the full needs of the website. In contrast, not assessing the situation before hand will just result to inefficiency, delayed results, waste of time and money.

SEO Company Review and Evaluation of the Website

Aside from assessing one’s own website, it would bring lots of benefits to hire a company that is willing to do a comprehensive review on the website and subsequently throw in ideas on how to improve it. Of course, the owner’s own ideas still matter, and oftentimes an SEO company’s suggestions may clash with the owner’s so it is fruitful if a healthy discussion and debate is conducted. And also as a thought, SEO companies employ professionals, and these personnel have vast knowledge regarding how search engines work. So if an owner is inexperienced in website optimization, it would be a safer route to go with the company’s ideas.

Fast-Acting SEO Companies

SEO companies are most importantly hired for two reasons: to get satisfactory results in the least amount of time possible. An effective SEO company, upon swift evaluation of a website, should come up with a timetable on when positive results can be seen. And this work time should always be acceptable based on the amount of work to be done. Also, an SEO company should be able to work with minimum guidance from the owner. When this is followed, a website owner may be able to work on something else important instead of constantly being bugged by the employees.

Research on Testimonials or Reviews

ReviewsA hallmark of a good SEO company is its reputation. More often than not, established SEO companies have already served different websites. One should always check on these websites if they are doing well. One could also search online in SEO reviews, blogs, or any other sites that show testimonials regarding an SEO company’s performance. And if online reviews are scarce, one could always contact website owners that have hired the company before.

Customer Care

Lastly, a good SEO company cares for their customers equally, no matter how small or big the individual projects are. Before hiring, one should be assured that whenever they have queries regarding the work, someone would be there to entertain him. Additionally, a progress report should always be relayed to the owner. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the deal to be settled. Progress reports should also continue long after the physical work is done because “afterwork” progress reports show the result of the optimization project itself.

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When It Comes To Custom Embroidered Patches, Trust Only The Real Experts

Posted by Petra James on April 30, 2016 in Product |

All providers or manufacturers will tell you that they are the experts that you can rely on when it comes to producing quality custom embroidered patches. How can you be sure? You need assurance that you will be able to get the best quality patches for your money, and you must commission a provider or manufacturer that would be able to deliver what you need.

Let us tell you a secret – there are ways to know if a provider really is an expert when it comes to producing quality custom patches.

The Ability to Answer All the Questions Regarding Custom Patches

The real expert on custom embroidered patches must be able to satisfy the curiosity of a client regarding the patches and exude a superb ability to give the right answers without hesitation. Even if you don’t have the slightest idea about the subject matter, the answer that you will receive should have enough bearing to put your mind at ease.

If you think that the manufacturer failed to give you a satisfying answer, then it is best to do business elsewhere. As you look for the right provider or expert, you also look for someone whom you can trust and establish a business relationship that would last for a long time. It is also much easier to do business with someone who already knows what you want to hear, adhere to what you discussed, and be able to deliver the promised goods.

Iron On PatchesDuring the “interview” you can ask all the details that you need to know such as the things that are included in the package, sample work, price, discounts, freebies, time of delivery, and other pertinent matters. If you are not satisfied with the response you get or you feel like something is off, then it means that the manufacturer has failed to convince you that you will get exactly what you ask them to provide. But, don’t omit them on your list yet. There is a chance that their work could speak better on their behalf than the person in charge.

Ask for Company Portfolio and Work Samples

The company portfolio can tell you so much about the manufacturer. You need to read it thoroughly and ask them if something is unclear to you. It is also good if the company has been around for years. Check the reviews of the past clients to gather more information.

When you ask for a sample of their custom embroidered patches, don’t be content with just one or two samples. The manufacturer should at least be able to show you a number of their past works so you can properly assess their ability and determine if they can truly deliver the quality you want.

What About Customer Support?

The provider must be able to prove that they have a reliable customer support that can help you anytime you need assistance. The staff should be friendly and has the ability to make you feel at ease. The customer support personnel should be able to understand the kind of help that the client needs. It is best if the customer support is available anytime of the day and any day in a week, even during holidays.

Must be Able to Commit to Deliver on Time

It is quite difficult to determine or tell if the provider can truly make timely delivery during the interview process. The reviews from the past clients could help you somehow. See if the clients have no complaints regarding the time they were able to receive their order.

If there are too many complaints about the promptness of delivery, then you must think things thoroughly. It should be fine to leave or omit the manufacturer from your list if they won’t be able to guarantee timely delivery and when there are also complaints about the quality of their finished products. However, it is different when the manufacturer can produce quality custom embroidered patches at affordable price and the only flaw is their promptness. You need to weigh things carefully first before you decide to remove the manufacturer from your list.

Answers to your Queries

A prudent and intelligent buyer usually asks too many questions before making a purchase. He needs to make sure that he won’t encounter any problem with the product once he brings it home. He should at least know what to do in case a certain problem occurs. It’s the same with commissioning a patch provider. You need to ask questions and they should willingly answer your questions or the things that you want to know no matter how irritating it may sound.

As a client, you have a right to demand clarifications on things that you find unclear. Don’t hesitate to ask them and bear in mind that you need to find the provider that’s worth your time and money.

All in all, here’s something we want you to remember – finding the right manufacturer and establishing good business relationship with your custom embroidered patches provider is something that will benefit you for a long time.

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Why Silicone Bracelets are Loved by Marketers

Posted by Anthony Wetzel on February 11, 2016 in Fashion |

Figuring out the reasons why marketers love using silicone bracelets for marketing is not rocket science. The reasons are too obvious. The marketers will use the said bracelets every time they have an advertising campaign for a new product or when they hold an event. They will sell them or give them out at affordable prices. Marketers doing a fund raising campaign will use them too.

Here are the obvious reasons why the bracelets are loved by all marketers:

They are cheap.

The silicon bracelets are cost-effective. Since the price for making the said bracelets do not take too much money, these can be sold to interested buyers at very affordable prices. In fact, it is even possible to just give them away. The price of ordering the said product will even go much lower if marketers buy them in bulk.

They are easy to recognize.

Even if people are afar, they will be able to identify the bracelet. The wristband is recognizable, even more so when marketers use distinct patterns or colors. People will easily know what the silicone wristband represents or which company sells them even if they are far away, making the bracelet an effective tool for marketing.

They are versatile.

silicone braceletMany methods are available for marketers to market the product or service through the silicone wristbands. For example, the customer might have recently signed up for a membership at the company. Sending them a silicone wristband is a good item to give as a freebie. It can also be used as a freebie when the buyer buys a certain product in bulk. Another example is when the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary. You can give out the said silicone bracelet to those who attend the celebration.

They are everywhere.

Every company is now utilizing the bracelet for whatever purpose they have in mind, most commonly for marketing. Not only companies, fund raisers take advantage of the bracelet too. Aside from these entities, unions such as labor unions can use the said bracelet to unify their workers and convey their message to the higher up. Do not forget the children as well who use the said silicone bracelet as friendship bracelets or give them out as gifts.

They can be customized.

It is possible for marketers to have anything they want printed on the silicone bracelets. They can choose any color or manufacture as many as possible. Some bracelets can even be striped, marbleized, or debossed. They can be thin or thick. The bracelet can be designed any way one wants, thus making it a perfect product for almost every event.

They are loved.

Unlike any other marketing materials such as t-shirts, everyone tends to like the silicone wristbands. After all, these are not ugly. They are recognizable. More often than not, the bracelets match well with a person’s fashion. If people choose the right color for the bracelet, it will not clash with their clothes too. People will want to wear the silicone bracelets without being forced to do so.

They are safe to use.

Compared to traditional rubber and leather, the material used in the making of the silicone wristband is safe. There are no toxic chemicals on the said bracelet that will be harmful to the kids. Kids will put anything they got their hands on into their mouth, after all. With this bracelet, it should be okay even if there are kids around.

The marketer understands that using promotional tools can increase the visibility of a company and may consequently increase conversion. Using the silicone bracelets can help with the purpose of marketing. It is only natural that marketers will come to love the said bracelet for their marketing work.

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Common Uses for Lanyards

Posted by Sarah Jones on September 26, 2015 in Safety |

Normally, a lanyard is used as a holder for identification cards, badges, and tickets. It is commonly used in hospitals, corporations, buildings, business establishments, trade fairs, conventions, and prisons. This type of lanyard has an end with a clip intended to hold the badge or ID holder. Alternative uses for a lanyard are: as pen holder (for easy access) or as keychain (to prevent loss).

Organizations and companies use customized lanyards for their members and guests. The name and logo are printed on the lanyard through different methods. Some examples are: heat transfer, Jacquard loom weaving, offset printing or screen printing.

These cords are also used as safety switches for heavy industrial machineries that are used for cutting, on treadmills and, on trains and jet-skis. These are called kill switches or dead man’s switches. The end of the lanyard is attached to the machine so that when the user suddenly becomes injured, the lanyard will pull the switch to stop the machine from working.

Moreover, law enforcement operatives use these laces to hold their firearms in place and securely during missions.

Some lanyards have a breakaway feature which prevents the wearer from hanging or choking. It allows the lanyard to be separated when pulled or pressed on the breakaway. This type of lanyard is often used in factories wherein employees operate machineries, as well as in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

The lanyard is indispensable to lineman utilities and mountaineers. This type of lanyard is used by lineman workers to secure themselves and prevent accidental falling. Lineman lanyards are also used by mountain climbers and trekkers in rock climbing and in other outdoor recreational activities. It is made from a very strong nylon material that is attached to a metal carabiner or ring that can be tightened or loosened. The strap at the end of the rope will be worn by the worker or mountaineer to secure him into the fixed and sturdy pole.

What You Need to Know About Woven Lanyards

LanyardsA woven lanyard is made from polyester material. It is almost the same as the polyester printed lanyard but the name or logo is not printed but woven with the material. The weaving process is the same as embroidery (the process in making patches). The look and feel of woven lanyard is more professional. It is also sturdier and it will not easily fade even if it gets wet. A customized woven lanyard can be made according to one’s preferred color or theme.

These customized woven cords can be purchased online at around 2 to 3 dollars for a minimum of 100 pieces. Orders can be shipped right at your doorstep. Most manufacturers even allow you to upgrade your order by adding your choice of attachments such as badge holders or reels.

What You Need to Know About Full Color Lanyards

Full color lanyard is a type of customized lanyard which is suitable for colorful patterned designs. The color is applied through sublimation process. It is suitable for patterned designs such as tie dye, camouflage, or rainbow. However, the color may not be exactly the same as that of the original because of the sublimation process. It is great for people who like to fully customize and personalize.

Customized full color laces can be purchased online at a little more than 3 dollars for a minimum of 100 pieces. These can also be shipped right at your doorstep. You may likewise upgrade your order by adding your choice of attachments.

There are many lanyard manufacturers online and all you have to do is choose among them, keeping in mind the importance of price, quality, and reliability.

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The Sophisticated Golf Equipment that Rock Bottom Golf Offers

Posted by Kelly Rodriguez on September 10, 2015 in Sports with Comments closed |

In any sport, it is hard to develop excellent skills without proper equipment. If a person is capable of mastering his skills using regular equipment, he will even be more successful with the help of advanced equipment. When it comes to golf, balls and clubs are not the only things that matter. Abilities such as proper grip, good vision, precision and the strength that enables a golfer to reach farther are highly important. While it is true that we all have our own limits, it is still possible for golfers to extend their boundaries with the help of innovative golf equipment.

By obtaining the right equipment, developing your skills in golf will be a piece of cake. At Rock Bottom Golf, you will not only find high quality clubs and balls. You can get everything you need as well since it is a one stop golf shop. Below are some of the innovative golf equipment you can find on Rock Bottom Golf that will efficiently help you enhance your skills as a golfer and dramatically improve your performance.


There are various types of rangefinders available at Rock Bottom Golf. Each of them has their own technologies and features that ensure accurate reading regardless of the conditions. Aside from the range finders that can provide precise line of site measurements, the ones that are sought out by a lot of golfers are those that have cutting edge optical systems as well as sophisticated algorithmic based software.

Electronic GPS Devices

Electronic GPS devices include GPS units, watches and accessories. These devices automatically track where a golfer is so they can load the golf course that he or she is playing. Golfers basically use these devices in order to play faster and lower their scores. Some of the features they have are the accurate reading of the golf course, automatic golf course recognition and the instant yardage which enables them to display the exact measurements of the back, center and front to the green.

Training Aids

Every golfer can make use of training aids. They are highly needed by beginners but they can be of great help to advanced or professional players as well. There are golf equipment intended to improve specific aspects of a golfer’s ability. For example, the swing trainers which help a player master the perfect swing path and keep it in his muscle memory. The arc of the swing, its timing, accuracy, alignment as well as the proper angle of the club face will be developed by a golfer with their help. There are also various equipment that can help a golfer work on his putting game anywhere.

Golf equipmentAside from these items, golfers can also find fitness aids, books and DVDs about golf including all the other gears they need on Rock Bottom Golf. These products will allow them to breakthrough their current limits and create new and impressive golf performance. By the time you visit the official website, you will be given a limited offer right away.

Whatever level of skills or abilities a golfer has, there will always be room for enhancements in order for his or her performance to get better. This is more important when it comes to strengthening the weak spot of a player. Because of this, there is no doubt that every golfer can highly benefit from all of the sophisticated golf equipment available at Rock Bottom Golf. Visit their official website now and see all of the high quality items they offer. You will not have to check other stores since Rock Bottom Golf has all the golf essentials a player might look for.

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How to Choose A Cremation Urn

Posted by Richard Parrish on September 7, 2015 in Society with Comments closed |

It’s tough to deal with the death of a loved one, and one of the factors you have to deal with is choosing an urn. But if you think about it, choosing an urn doesn’t have to be a devastating experience as it can be a wonderful way to celebrate the life of your deceased loved one.

Picking out the best cremation urn is a personal decision, and is a decision that’s not to be rushed. After all, the urn is where the ashes get to be stored and then either kept or scattered on a later date.

How do you decide which urn to purchase for your beloved?

Style and Design

There are different materials on which urns are made from. You can choose long-lasting materials such as granite, wood, copper, ceramic, glass, bronze, marble etc. Biodegradable materials such as bamboo, cornstarch, mulberry bark, and paper clay are also available.

Urns are also priced differently, depending on the material which they’re made of.

Urns come in different colors too. You can even choose an urn based on the deceased’s favorite color, or you can match your home’s color scheme. Since there are a lot of choices, you can sure find one that meets your preference.

Price Range

Your budget almost always determines how the ceremony will go. There’s a wide range of prices so even if you have a limited budget, you can still have a lot of urns to choose from.

Set the amount that you’re willing to spend for the urn. Set your budget to save yourself from headaches later on. Bear in mind the credibility of the store you’re purchasing the urn from.

Take note that the price of cremation urns doesn’t always indicate style or quality. The most expensive ones aren’t always the best, and the cheap ones can still be fitting for you. The high prices may be because of the material used, and because of customizations that can come with it such as engraving.

Resting Place

Where will be the urn kept after the funeral service? Will it be kept indoors or outdoors? An urn that will be kept inside the home will be very different from an urn that will be buried.

If the urn will be indoors, then it’ll serve a different purpose compared to how it would have been if it’ll be buried.

CremationYou can choose more beautiful urns if it’s for indoor use, maybe one that’s made with glass, porcelain or crystal. If it’s to be buried, then you can go for more durable ones such as those made of marble or metal. You can choose a biodegradable urn if you wish to have a water burial.

Personalization Options

One great way to show your love and appreciation for your deceased loved one is to personalize his or her urn. You have various options: you can engrave a few words about your loved one, have a Bible verse engraved, nice quotes, a poem or an artwork. You can even place a photo of your beloved.

You can also personalize an urn depending on your beloved’s passion. Was he a car enthusiast? A sports fanatic? There are different ways to honor these passions – an example would be a patriotic urn made for a veteran who loved serving the military.

One of the most personal designs is cremation jewelry, and since it’s so small compared to the regular sized urns, several lockets and pendants can be given to the deceased’s family and friends.

Making that Choice

In choosing the best cremation urn for your beloved, you have a lot of options. Cremation urn designs are rapidly growing, and have become more personal and extensive. You can choose from any of those mentioned, and it will still appear special and well-thought of.

Gentry Griffey became the only funeral home to operate an on-site crematory. Whether you are in need of traditional funeral options or cremation services, we can accommodate any need, and any budget.

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The Chronicles of Being a Freelance Article Writer

Posted by Lorraine Stoddard on September 4, 2015 in Writing with Comments closed |

The term ‘freelance’ have been first introduced way back 1800’s in the novel Ivanhoe, written by Sir Walter Scott. It literally means a soldier that is not assigned to any superior, thus enabling him to work for anyone who needs his services. Nowadays, the term ‘freelancer’ refers to someone that is self-employed and is willing to accept a variety of clients or customer who will require his/her services. Freelancing may come in different forms – writing, tutoring, photography, graphic design, music and countless other ways of skills to offer. For those who have passion for literature, they may venture in online content generation or in other words, article writing.

Article writing is really a versatile job because a great deal of opportunities exist in the freelance industry that offer a topic of your choice or interest. This job is always in demand. As a result, you do not have to worry about market competition because there will always be a room for well-written articles. It is also depends on your situation and financial needs on whether you will be a part-time or full-time article writer.

Article writingHowever, article writing requires a few step for a freelancer to finally be on the verge of obtaining the title of a professional article writer. Finally deciding to get involved in article writing must be triggered by your prodigious skill in writing literary works, or at least the love for literary works. A lover of literature usually possess originality, punctuality, and the ability to be better and better when it comes to writing. Else, one should be industrious to discipline oneself. Literature enthusiasts often ease their way to content creation because they are very comfortable with constructing and tailoring all of their necessary thoughts into one single article. Good article writing requires clarity and understandability. The good thing though is that as you enter the freelance industry, it will be a platform for you to improve your writing skills by practicing with the assigned articles.

Most of the articles are non-fiction and based on facts, and this is to your advantage because non-fiction is much easier to deal with and much easier to sell in comparison to fiction. In writing articles or web content, you will exert tons of time and effort so you have to be decisive on whether you will write for a full-time living or just for extra allowance because this decision will determine your approach as an article writer. Some writers just do this job as a hobby because they find writing articles fun. Some writers are writing articles on their vacant times from college. If you are pursuing a degree, you can choose the topic that you can support based on the information you have attained from your major.

Aside from writing skills, communication skills are also essential as a freelance article writer. Such skills will make it convenient for you to market your services to potential clients. This will also avoid the burdens of misunderstandings regarding the instructions given and the client’s desired output. You also have the choice to be active in a certain writing community often generated by freelancer writer associations or writing organizations. A lot of high-profile writers are involved in such community, and you can get pieces of information and advice from them. This could establish your credentials as a writer.

Your passion for writing maybe bound by limits and there may be seasonal writing assignments that you could not love doing but that’s the beauty of it. In this industry, you will attain the ability of adjusting to future conditions of the environment. This ability will shape you to be malleable and flexible, which is relevant to your preferred life career.

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The History of Neck Lanyards

Posted by Jane Hutchinson on August 27, 2015 in Product with Comments closed |

Lanyards (laniards) came from the French term “laniere” which means thongs or straps. It was between 14th-15th centuries when they became useful tools especially to French seafarers who used them to tighten or pull the riggings of their vessels.

The first neck lanyards originated to solve a simple task. For mariners, the threat of being overthrown to the sea while holding knives and other essential tools to cut ropes made them think of a simple solution. They cut nautical rope to make ideal neck cords and fasten important things such as whistles, pouches with documents and pistols while they were travelling on the sea for emergency purposes.

Neck LanyardsLike sailors, military men also used lanyards to keep their important belongings near them at all times, especially weapons that would keep them safe from sudden attacks of enemies. During those days, men in uniform travelled riding horses or marching miles to reach their missions. To prevent losing their pistols, swords, identification papers and small, personal mementos from loved ones, they hang them on the neck or tied them across their bodies. During battles, lanyards became very important because losing their weapons means death.

During the 1950’s, lanyards became more popular. During that time, stay at home mothers with toddlers started weaving cords, ropes and some fabrics into ornamental braids. The craft was inspired with French “scoubidou” and the finished products became source of entertainment for the little kids. Nowadays, it is known as “boondoggle” or the art of knotting and plaiting simple projects like knife sheath, neck cords, friendship bracelets and many more. Scouts and summer campers usually practice “boondoggle”.

Neck lanyards evolved with time, from being practical to ornamental to promotional. Today, they are essential part of daily living. They are like walking advertisements that clearly identify where a person or group of people belong. Whether they are professionals, blue-collar job workers, students, medical practitioners, media personnel, government workers or private employees, the lanyards on their necks give them distinct identity.

These neck cords attached to name badges or IDs were first used by personnel of medical industry. Hospitals want their doctors and employees to be identified easily by patients or their families. To avoid the inconvenience of constantly taking them out from their pockets or preventing loss if they clip them in their uniforms, the hospital management ordered neck cords for their use. Since then, other industries follow until they become so popular.

The materials also become more varied, from contemporary ropes to cord to different kinds of fabrics such as polyester, cotton, nylon, silk and satin. Today, there are lanyards that are made from biodegradable and recycled materials. They are ideal for people who want to use safe materials. There are also fabric materials that are ideal for small children or adults who are prone to skin rashes.

The styles also changed. From the simple type of neck cord, users can choose from tube, flat, beaded or ribbon. Customizing the look and design of neck lanyards becomes easier when computers become main tools to create a distinct image for companies. Patterns, colors and lengths become readily available for users. Young generation enjoys incorporating pop-culture designs to express their individualities.

The process of imprinting logos and texts in the lanyards also evolved from traditional methods of silk-screening to complex operations such as heat-press, embroidery, weaving and dye-sublimation.

Neck lanyards today are not just cords to hold identification cards. They also become carriers of important gadgets like USB, digital cameras, MP3 and I-phones. The latest developments are Hearing-loop Receiver Lanyards and Lanyard Channel Receiver.

The evolution of neck lanyards is really amazing. Who will imagine that the humble rope that sailors used during their sea travels become so attractive with customized designs. One thing remains the same- they are effective tools to use in everyday life.

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How Custom Military Coins are Depicted in Popular Culture

Posted by Sylvia Wilks on August 24, 2015 in Military with Comments closed |

customcoinsNo one can tell the exact time that custom military coins started to permeate into popular culture. But the undeniable fact is that what used to be a memento that was military personnel owned exclusive rights to is now something that every Tom, Dick, and Jane can easily get their hands on. This is not to say that the military viewed challenge coins as their exclusive property. It is just that the military was the first organization to ever make use of coins for something other than the barter of goods.

However, it should be noted that custom military coins or challenge coins didn’t make an appearance in movies and TV shows until the 21st century. Some of the most well-known movies and television shows where the coins have made a cameo appearance on include:

1. Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous –  a 2008 movie that starred Jessica Simpson in the role of Pvt Megan Valentine. Her class was presented with custom challenge coins on their graduation from basic training course.

2. E-ring –  a 2005 TV drama that is centered on the lives of various military personnel. The challenge coin was the focus on one episode when a female lead character was challenged by a general to show her coin as a sign of seniority. This was done with the aim of disqualifying the female character from a higher position. A colonel ends up coining the female lead.

Apparently, even Hollywood understood that custom military coins were mostly associated with the military and not with any other organization. This understanding also spans the world of literature, which is apparent in the novel titled Amazonia. The novel was written by James Rollins, a renowned author of action-adventure stories. In Amazonia, challenge coins served as the primary evidence for the identification of former CIA Special Forces operative who died in the Amazon jungle.

Note that custom military coins were used differently in each of these works of fiction. To be exact, the coins served as:

1. Commemorative pieces given to an entire batch of graduates to enhance their camaraderie.

2. A way of challenging a person’s credibility.

3. A way of positively identifying a deceased person.

These characterizations of the challenge coins actually embody everything that it was originally created for. In World War II, the leader of a military unit stationed somewhere in Europe gave out special coins to his troops. It was imprinted with the leader’s personal insignia as a way of reminding the troops that they belong to that unit and that each and every one of them is valued.

Many other military leaders have had challenge coins created for their units. These challenge coins either bore the leader’s personal insignia or the unit’s logo. Whenever the troops gathered around the bars and restaurants for recreation, they each had to bring their coins in case somebody issued a ‘coin challenge’. This challenge was done by simply slapping a coin down on table where a group of soldiers are sitting. The person who slaps he coin down is referred to as the challenger.

Each of the ‘challenged’ soldiers had to present their custom military coins as fast as they possibly can. The last one to bring it out or the one who is unable to present it would have to face the consequences. This consequence often involved having to buy the next round of drinks for everyone. If in case all the soldiers were able to present their coins at exactly the same time, then the challenger faced the consequence. This type of coin challenge often resulted in enhancing the unit’s camaraderie and their feeling of belongingness to a group that no one else could ever penetrate.

Challenge Coins 4 Less has a distinguished history of producing custom military coins of outstanding quality.

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PCBs: What They Are Made Of

Posted by Elsie Hamilton on August 24, 2015 in Electronics |

Printed circuit boards are among the most fundamental pieces of technology we have today, being used in so many different types of gadgets. Many people may not be aware of it, but there are a lot of things that go on in making printed circuit boards, and saying that it is complicated is an understatement. The PCB is an extremely complex piece of technology that is built in layers and is made up of different materials that work together to connect the essential wires needed for our modern day devices to properly function. Explained below are the basic components that make up the printed circuit board. Provided is a brief explanation of what the PCB is made of, beginning at the very middle of the circuit board.

The base material is also called the substrate, or the material that makes up basically the entire device. The base material for the creation of printed circuit boards is commonly fiberglass. However, the fiberglass that is used for a printed circuit board is not just any type of glass. There is actually a specific name for the type used for PCBs, called the FR4, which is the fiberglass’s name designation.

Printed Circuit BoardsThis type of fiberglass is known for its thickness and rigidity. The FR4 fiberglass comes in different types of thickness, ranging from slightly thin to very thick. The most common thickness for the common printed circuit board is approximately one point six millimeters, or about 0.063 inches. There are also other types of printed circuit boards that can be as thick as eight millimeters. Cheaper PCBs are made out of phenolics or epoxies.

The layer that comes after the fiberglass is the thin copper foil. This copper foil is put in place by heating it up and letting its slightly wet surface due to hotness stick on the PCB, acting as an adhesive. In the case of double-sided PCBs, the copper is applied to both sides of the base material. The thickness of this layer can vary depending on the weight of the base material, measured through ounces per square foot.

A layer of soldermask comes after the copper foil. This is commonly colored green, but other colors can be observed as well, such as blue and red. This next layer is overlaid onto the layer of copper. This acts as an insulator which prevents the traces of copper to accidentally contact other metals, which can cause short circuits.

After the soldermask, a layer of white silkscreen is put on top. The silkscreen is the part of the board which adds in the numbers, letters, and symbols which are required in order to better understand how the PCB works. This layer is often used to indicate the functions of the different pins or the functions of the LED. The common color of this part is white although, just like the soldermask, it can also be colored grey, black, or red. Although there are lots of different colors for the silkscreen layer of a printed circuit board, it is rare for you to find any single circuit board that has more than one color.

These are the most basic parts of the printed circuit boards. Together, when these different parts are merged, they make the circuit board that helps in making different types of gadgets work on an everyday basis. Some companies that manufacture PCBs tend to make changes to how they make their products, as well as what color they use or how thick they make it. The key factor in determining the right mix of all the ingredients that make up a printed circuit board is the demand from the market.

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Top Reasons Why Movable Cubicles Make the Move Easier

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When you have a job change, you might have to move from your old home to your new one. If that is the case, then you need to get movable cubicles. These are the storage containers that can help you bring your stuff with you to your new home. This is where you will be storing your stuff, especially the large furniture, during the said move.

If you need the said storage containers, it is only natural that you look for companies from which you can get them. The company you go for can either rent out to you the said movable cubicles. You might also want to buy one for your own use but that is less preferable than the other option since that is quite an expensive investment for something you will only be using once in your life.

In the search for the said company, you can make use of the various methods that are popular these days. You can use the Internet to conveniently search for leads regarding this company. Print media like the Yellow Pages and classified ads on the newspapers can also be of great help to you when you want to obtain leads for which company you should visit.

ContainersThere are many benefits that you can get out of having the said product for your storage. It is beneficial for you, especially when you do not want to go back and forth from the old home to the new one. If you properly rent the said storage unit for your stuff from the reputable rental company, here are the benefits that you are sure to enjoy.

Easy loading. If you have used moving trucks beforehand, then you should already be aware of the difficulties and hazards that come with using ramps and lifting heavy furniture. When you use the movable cubicles instead of the moving trucks, you can eliminate those risks. Instead, you can offer easy-entry and ground level loading. You do not need to do acrobatics just to get the loading done.

Affordable moving. Among the many moving alternatives you can choose from, using the storage unit is more affordable. The cost of hiring a professional moving company is expensive and there are risks too. With the storage unit, you can cut down on the cost by doing the job of the movers personally and just paying for the rental of the said unit.

Flexible storage solution. The portable moving companies can present a number of movable cubicles that are of different sizes. With that variety, you can enjoy greater flexibility at choosing the best size that can fit your unique needs. Regardless of what size you choose, most companies offer the said storage container at a flat fee.

Better security. When the said storage containers are dropped off at their destination, you do not have to worry about the stuff inside getting stolen. Even when the storage containers are left on its own, only you have the key to the lock. Once you properly lock the containers, the valuables you have stored inside are safe and secure for the duration of the trip. You are the only one who can unlock it, after all.

Safe and efficient delivery. The moving trucks entrusted with transporting the container to its destination will lift it up using a specialized lift system. The system reduces shifting and jostling, keeping the valuables you have stuffed inside safe. The things that easily break inside the container are then kept safe with that. So if you have a ten-thousand dollar vase, then this is a good option for moving.

Multiple delivery options. Delivering the said unit anywhere is possible. Regardless of whether you plan to deliver locally, nationally, or internationally, that should be possible when you have the movable cubicles. As long as you take care of the proper documentation for the said transport, then everything should be okay.

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Understanding Live Chat

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chatIt is said that no man is an island; that one cannot survive without the help and assistance of another. This is true in almost every situation in life, when you go to school, when starting a business, when learning something new, you will always need help. You especially need help when dealing with something unfamiliar and confusing. This is where live chat can be useful.

Live chat is an application typically found in websites. It is also called live support of live chat support. Users are given assistance through real-time communication using the online chat application. It is especially useful when customers want more information about something on the website, like a product for example. They can just chat with an operator and receive feedback right away.

It is, however, not to be confused with chat rooms. The two are similar in the sense that they are both a type of web chat. Installation of a chat application into your PC is not required when using web chat because it is done within the website itself. The difference between live chat and chat rooms is that in live chat, the user is talking to a single person, usually to ask for assistance, while a chat room is a website where multiple users, who may or may not know one another, communicate and get to know one another.

The applications used for live chat may differ from one website to another, but they all have some basic characteristics in common. They all have chat windows, visitor monitoring, and traffic analysis. However, when a user visits a website, they only see the chat window. The visitor monitoring and traffic analysis are seen by those operating the website.

There are two types of live chat. The first is pro-active chat. In pro-active chat, a user receives a message in the text box without the user having to do anything. Once the user enters the website, it automatically pops up. The message is usually based on things like the different pages visited by the user, or how much time the user spends on a particular website. It is the choice of the user whether or not he or she will respond to this message. The other type is called broadcast, wherein the visitor will initiate the conversation with the operator through the chat application, usually to inquire about something.

Plenty of websites now use live chat, and integrating it into your own website is a simple process. You must first find live chat software that interests you and satisfies your needs. There are different websites that offer live chat software. Once you have chosen, just follow the steps indicated in the website.

Different software providers may have different processes. For example, some may require you to procure a license to use their software. Others may also give you the option of customizing your application. Still, some require you to contact them directly.

No matter what software provider you have chosen, just make sure you follow the process exactly to avoid mistakes and confusion. One thing in common in all software providers is that they require you to copy and paste a snippet of code into your website. This code will integrate the text box into your website. There are some providers that will remain in contact with you to help you monitor your website.

Live chat has definitely changed the dynamics of customer service and communication. It has enabled the companies and businesses to reach out and form a closer bond to their clients. Getting help has never been easier.

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